Men Among Animals: Bad Times All Gone

Men Among Animals: Bad Times All Gone
Title: Bad Times All Gone
Label: Inertia Records

In January 2007 this Danish five piece signed with Tapete Records and began recording their single and debut album. The style of music on the album is a kind of pop- psychedelia with emphasis on strong melodies and the element of surprise - as much in arrangement as in composition. References to the BEACH BOYS, BEATLES, OS MUTANTES, FLAMING LIPS, ANIMAL COLLECTIVE, MAZARIN and many others can be found if you look hard enough, but the main goal of Men Among Animals is to stay their own in sound and style.

1.1 Other Ways
1.2 Story About Lions Trees and Bridges
1.3 Head of a Tortoise
1.4 It's All Gone
1.5 I'm An Architect
1.6 Zoo of Montreal
1.7 Slow Years
1.8 Amazing Ronnie
1.9 On My Boat
1.10 Cavaliers
1.11 Bad Times Are Turning
1.12 Opposite of Hello

Men Among Animals: Bad Times All Gone

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