Men at Work

Men at Work: Definitive Collection

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Men at Work

Artist: Men at Work
Title: Definitive Collection

Digitally Remastered Edition with 19 Tracks, the Most Complete Single Disc Anthology of the Men from a Land Down under. Includes their Biggest Hits Like "Down Under", "Who Can it Be Now", "Overkill", "It's a Mistake", "Dr Heckyll and Mr Jive" and many more.

1.1 Down Under
1.2 Who Can It Be Now?
1.3 I Can See It in Your Eyes
1.4 Down By the Sea
1.5 Be Good Johnny
1.6 People Just Love to Play with Words
1.7 Underground
1.8 Touching the Untouchables
1.9 Catch a Star
1.10 Overkill
1.11 It's a Mistake
1.12 Dr. Heckyll ; Mr. Jive
1.13 Upstairs in My House
1.14 No Sign of Yesterday
1.15 Blue for You
1.16 Everything I Need
1.17 Man with Two Hearts
1.18 Children on Parade
1.19 Snakes and Ladders

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