Men Who Listen

Men Who Listen: Men Who Listen

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Men Who Listen

Title: Men Who Listen
Label: CD Baby

'Men Who Listen serve up an extremely well-produced 9-song debut that runs the gamut of rock styles: from the fun, fast, tongue-in-cheeky 'I Hate Tom Cruise' and the honky-tonkin' 'My Baby's the Bartenda,' to the Led Zep-esque chorded '(Dead & Buried) In Your Love' and prog-esque ballad closer 'Forever.' Proof of the production savvy is found where the band wisely double-tracks the plain-spoken vocals and it's crisp sound throughout, making for a solid intro.' - David C. Eldredge, Illinois Entertainer.

1.1 Pay Me No Mind
1.2 I Hate Tom Cruise
1.3 Find Our Way Again
1.4 Look But Don't Touch
1.5 (Dead ; Buried) in Your Love
1.6 So Inscrutable
1.7 Beneath a Blue and Open Sky
1.8 My Baby's the Bartenda'
1.9 Forever
2.1 9 Tracks
2.2 Dan Pokorni - Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
2.3 Patrick Doody - Drums
2.4 Bill Harrison - Bass

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