Merging Light

Merging Light: Near Death Experience

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Merging Light

Title: Near Death Experience
Label: CD Baby

Beginning with a haunting track exploring the purpose of life upon creation of the universe, moving into upbeat, driving rock to present a reckless, selfish and abrasive young man with arrogant views of his station in life, mellow and forceful musical flows depicting a clash with the laws of karma, soft moving music to express the sadness of a failed life full of regrets, with acoustic and electric rhythms and melodic and intense lead guitar, Near Death Experience takes the listener on a journey into the afterlife, facing the ultimate destiny of our souls.

1.1 Creation
1.2 Self\X96Indulgence
1.3 Arrogance: Demonic Warning
1.4 Guardian Angels
1.5 Regrets
1.6 Dying
1.7 Judgment
1.8 The Light Within

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