Meridian Arts Ensemble: Americantus: Music of Britton Theurer

Meridian Arts Ensemble: Americantus: Music of Britton Theurer
Title: Americantus: Music of Britton Theurer
Label: CD Baby

'I am an incurable fan of the Meridian Arts Ensemble. They have a passion for creative innovation and a commitment to presenting music that elicits attentive ears and open minds. A Meridian concert assumes that, deep down, a listener wants to experience beauty, coherence, humor, contrast, uncertainty, and even challenge presented in the context of virtuosity, precision, and ardent emotional persuasiveness. The relationship between performer and listener is taken very seriously. Just as the Meridians search for significance, depth, sincerity, and "stretch" in repertoire, they hope for a listening audience that seeks relief from escapist fluff and entertainment. Undivided, active participation is required, and will reward the listener with a broadened palette of emotional, intellectual, and possibly visceral artistic references. To have one's brass chamber music presented by this remarkable ensemble is a privilege beyond comprehension.' Britton Theurer, Professor of Trumpet East Carolina University.

1.1 Americantus
1.2 Animal Rights: Cock Crow
1.3 Animal Rights: Chicken Strut
1.4 Animal Rights: Turtle Rap
1.5 Animal Rights: Loon Calls
1.6 Colloquy: Exhortation
1.7 Colloquy: Concordance
1.8 Colloquy: Paroxysm
1.9 Solanum Dulcamara
1.10 Americanadian Rhapsody

Meridian Arts Ensemble: Americantus: Music of Britton Theurer

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