Merlon Devine

Merlon Devine: Love Divine

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Merlon Devine

Artist: Merlon Devine
Title: Love Divine

Smooth, uplifting, soulful, expressive, heartfelt are terms often used to describe the musical style of Merlon Devine. Known for his exceptional tone and interpretation of melodies, he continues to soar to new heights with his latest offering, Love Divine. This blend of funk, jazz, gospel, and soul comprises to form the signature Urban Contemporary Jazz sound Devine has cultivated over the years.

1.1 Same Thing
1.2 Free
1.3 Look Again
1.4 Decisions
1.5 Hidden Gems
1.6 Permission Granted
1.7 Let's Grow Old
1.8 Love Divine
1.9 There
1.10 No Turning Back
1.11 Together
1.12 Consider
1.13 Fellowship
1.14 Walk with Me

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