Mesa Jane

Mesa Jane: Level

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Mesa Jane

Title: Level
Label: CD Baby

'This music captures the essence of boldly honest passion of gripping pop perfectly or in the case of Jane quite effortlessly. I say gripping because she kind of reminds me of Florence and the Machine, Mirina and the Diamonds, Ellie Goulding, MS MR and The XX. The rhythms and slow burning vocals coupled with the mind blowing lyrics will cause you to think and comprehend life itself from a stark yet rainy perspective shall we say.' '...this 10 track collection is a finely tuned balancing act that speaks volumes about Jane. Along the path one will find vivid songwriting and evocative emotions. "Haunt You" is also swimming in the deep end of the pool with acts such as Tori Amos, Sara Bareilles, Christina Perri and even Lorde. The Single offering "Haunt You" more closely resembles pop songs in terms of length and musical form, but this is not to say it's only element. ""Why Don't We" gently rolls out through a music ranging from alt rock, progressive rock, sonic chill and even course classic pop styles. Others like "I Can't Feel" and "Lay Your Arms Down" more elusive. "Love You Endlessly" are more memorable ones foe me. Getting back to the shift in direction from their previous effort I'd say it was a good move for sure. In the pleasant malaise of sound and songs-manship this CD, be prepared to be set adrift on a peaceful sea of emotions. Other times awry in happy thoughts, sometimes displaying a dry "been there done that" sense of humor. Finally her voice really seals the deal for me in the end, especially how high and low along the emotional spectrum she travels. ' by Anthony Desoto, Vents Magazine.

1.1 Haunt You
1.2 Lay Your Arms Down
1.3 Love You Endlessly
1.4 Don't Stop
1.5 I Won't Take It Anymore
1.6 Happen Again
1.7 Coming Through
1.8 Why Don't We
1.9 Meet You There
1.10 I Can't Feel
1.11 I Won't Take It Anymore (CJ Remix)

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