Meshuggah: Nothing

Meshuggah: Nothing
Title: Nothing
Label: Nuclear Blast Americ

Completely re-mixed, re-mastered and edited with re-recorded guitars, NOTHING has mutated into a much heavier precisely-punishing, mind-mangling mathematical monster then the original 2002 release. The NOTHING re-release also includes a bonus DVD, which features just over 45 minutes of live performance footage from their dominating 2005 European tours.

1.1 Stengah
1.2 Rational Gaze
1.3 Perpetual Black Second
1.4 Closed Eye Visuals
1.5 Glints Collide
1.6 Organic Shadows
1.7 Straws Pulled at Random
1.8 Spasm
1.9 Nebulous
1.10 Obsidian
2.1 Straws Pulled at Random [DVD][Live]
2.2 In Death Is Death [DVD][Live]
2.3 Future Breed Machine [DVD][Live]
2.4 Rational Gaze [DVD]
2.5 Shed (Catch 33) [DVD]
2.6 New Millennium Cyanide Christ (Chaosphere) [DVD]
2.7 Ration Gaze [MR Kidman Delirium Version][Multimedia Track]

Meshuggah: Nothing

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