Metaphor: Temporary Suspension

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Metaphor

Title: Temporary Suspension
Label: CD Baby

Blurring the lines between fusion, contemporary jazz and chamber music, Metaphor was born out of a desire to reflect the present day. Always keeping beauty and spirit at heart, Metaphor, a four-piece contemporary jazz group, has committed themselves to presenting their music with integrity and earnestness. In a world where the music media has split everything into cut and dry categories, we refuse to be confined to a certain style or genre of music. 'Temporary Suspension', Metaphor's debut album, features a myriad of musical offerings including african music, hip-hop, afro-Cuban, straight-ahead and rock. Formed in the fall of 2005, Metaphor began with a very specific sound world and concept in mind: a contemporary jazz instrumentation with a focus on melody and lyricism. Rather than performing pieces that are merely vehicles for improvisation, the emphasis is on the compositions themselves. Special attention is given to every detail of the music: pacing, dynamics, contrast and narrative. As a group, Metaphor has made a concerted effort to maintain professionalism in performance, committing themselves to presenting their music with integrity and earnestness.

1.1 Shabba (Intro)
1.2 Shabba
1.3 Illegible
1.4 She Worries
1.5 Shadow Lounge
1.6 Passage
1.7 First Light (Africa)
1.8 Case in Point
1.9 Song for Chris (Intro)
1.10 Song for Chris
1.11 Temporary Suspension of Disbelief
1.12 Merchant

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