Mew: Eggs Are Funny

Mew: Eggs Are Funny
Title: Eggs Are Funny
Label: Sony BMG

Limited release. Compilation album from a Danish alternative music band. Includes hit tracks, pre-debut tracks and a new track DO YOU LOVE IT? Comes with a DVD featuring music videos. Bonus track(s) and video clip(s) expected for Japan pressing.

1.1 Am I Wry? No
1.2 Snow Brigade
1.3 Beach
1.4 Introducing Palace Players
1.5 Silas the Magic Car
1.6 Wheels Over Me
1.7 Saliva
1.8 She Came Home for Christmas
1.9 Sometimes Life Isn't Easy
1.10 Do You Love It?
1.11 Eight Flew Over, One Was Destroyed
1.12 156
1.13 Special
1.14 The Zookeeper's Boy
1.15 Comforting Sounds
1.16 Apocalypso
1.17 King Christian
2.1 I Should Have Been a Tsin-Tsi (For You)
2.2 Panda
2.3 Mica
2.4 Beach
2.5 Comforting Sounds
2.6 The Zookeeper's Boy
2.7 Why Are You Looking Grave?
2.8 She Came Home for Christmas
2.9 Special
2.10 156
2.11 Am I Wry? No
2.12 Repeatarbeater
2.13 Introducing Palace Players

Mew: Eggs Are Funny

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