Mia and Jonah: Golden Ass

Mia and Jonah: Golden Ass
Title: Golden Ass
Label: CD Baby

This is a new type of project for Mia and Jonah in that it's an adaptation of an ancient novel. 'The Golden Ass' was originally written by Apuleius in the 11th century. Apuleius's work is a satire of 'The Odyssey' wherein the protagonist is transformed into a donkey and wanders for a year, in search of the rose he needs transform himself back to a man. Mia and Jonah's version of the story salvages the female characters in the story, weaving a tale of both love and spiritual transformation.

1.1 Overture
1.2 Peaches
1.3 Fly This Cage
1.4 They Met
1.5 Beautiful Secret
1.6 Change
1.7 Rose I Need
1.8 The Wind
1.9 Move My Blood
1.10 Winter
1.11 Farmer Song
1.12 Rolling
1.13 Ocean
1.14 The Rose

Mia and Jonah: Golden Ass

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