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Mice Parade: Mice Parade

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Artist: Mice Parade

Artist: Mice Parade
Title: Mice Parade

It was the winter after returning from extensive touring behind Mice Parade's 2005 album BEM-VINDA VONTADE, and founder Adam Pierce moved away from the edge of NYC, up to the wooded country near Bear Mountain; he spent the following spring converting an old garage into the latest and best so far in his long line of home studios. The test project for the new studio turned into Mice Parade's first self-titled album and seventh full-length release. The new album finds Pierce continuing his trend of stellar collaborators: Laetitia Saier chimes in beautifully on "Tales of Las Negras", Kristin Anna Valtysdottir lends her incredible grace to "Double Dolphins on the Nickel"; other contributors include touring Mice Parade members Doug Scharin, Dylan Cristy and Jay Israelson.

1.1 Sneaky Red
1.2 Tales of Las Negras
1.3 The Last Ten Homes
1.4 Snow
1.5 Double Dolphins on the Nickel
1.6 Satchelaise
1.7 Swing
1.8 Circle None
1.9 The Nights After Fiction

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