Michael Babb

Michael Babb: Great Western Cattle Trail

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Artist: Michael Babb

Artist: Michael Babb
Title: Great Western Cattle Trail

The title song 'Great Western Cattle Trail' was commissioned by Ray Klinginsmith, President of Rotary International 2010-2011 and depicts the cowboy riding the trail in a modern upbeat style. All of the songs were recorded in Nashville, TN and will have a Nashville flavor. 'One Waitress to Go' is a rodeo themed love story with a driving beat sure to get a chuckle out of any cowboy. 'Cellphone Lover' is a marriage of western swing and that contemporary icon, the cellphone. With it's infectious toe tapping tune and well strung together catch-phrases, you will find yourself singing it over and over in your head. 'Cimarron Valley' is a sweet lilting song about the people and places of the Cimarron Valley. 'Rodeo!' is a fast driving back beat that will set your heart thumping and a chorus that will keep you in the saddle for the entire ride!

1.1 Great Western Cattle Trail
1.2 One Waitress to Go
1.3 Cellphone Lover
1.4 Cimarron Valley
1.5 Rodeo!

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