Michael Cialdella

Michael Cialdella: Michael Cialdella

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Artist: Michael Cialdella
Title: Michael Cialdella

Visit michaelc.com and facebook.com/michaelcialdella for more information. Written by Michael Cialdella Produced by Michael Cialdella and Chris Brooke Recorded and Mixed by Chris Brooke Lead Vocals, Piano: Michael Cialdella Drums: Vinnie Colaiuta Percussion: Rafael Padilla Bass: Leland Sklar Guitars: Michael Landau Organ, Accordion, Other Keyboards: Arlan Schierbaum Cello: Larry Corbett; Viola: Matt Funes; Violins: Charlie Bisharat and Joel Derouin Trombone: Ryan Porter; Saxophone: Corey Hogan; Trumpet: Fernando Pullum Background Vocals: Trisha Battani, Michael Cialdella, Elisa Dease, and James Tormé Additional Vocals on 'Does It Matter?': Carolyn Ambroise, La.D.Dredd, Lauren Herzog, Dustin Strong, and Patrick Viall.

1.1 Finally Free
1.2 You're the Only One for Me
1.3 Just Another Day
1.4 Chasin' a Dream
1.5 Wherever You May Go
1.6 Does It Matter?
1.7 All About You
1.8 My Love No More

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