Michael David

Michael David: There In Spirit / Rain Ii

$12.02 $13.98
Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Michael David

Title: There In Spirit / Rain Ii
Label: Cascine
Product Type: VINYL LP

Michael David has made many kinds of records, but always with other people - as one half of dance duo Classixx, and one third of Cascine-signed pop group Mt. Si. On There in Spirit / Rain II, Michael's solo debut, he bends organic instruments: guitars chop and glimmer, and beats cascade and push forward, but always with a sense of gentle resignation. This is the sound of a mind searching through time, exhuming memories and emotions ? good and bad ?to try and know, recapture, reclaim, and most importantly, feel. The B-side features two new takes on Rain II - an alternate, slow version and a remixed version by fellow seeker, Jex Opolis.

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