Michael Fennelly: Lane Changer

Michael Fennelly: Lane Changer
Title: Lane Changer
Label: Wounded Bird Records

First time on CD in the U.S.! At age 17 in the mid 1960's, Michael Fenelly hitchhiked to Los Angeles and began performing in clubs. Then he went on to be in the band The Millennium. Michael went on to join Stonehenge, which later became known as Crabby Appleton. In 1973 he released his first solo album Lane Changer.

1.1 Lane Changer
1.2 Touch My Soul
1.3 Won't You Please Do That
1.4 Over My Dead Body
1.5 Dark Night
1.6 Easy to Love
1.7 Shine a Light
1.8 Bad Times
1.9 Flyer
1.10 Watch Yourself
1.11 Give Me Your Money

Michael Fennelly: Lane Changer

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