Michael Fitzpatrick

Michael Fitzpatrick: Trebling Tracks

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Artist: Michael Fitzpatrick
Title: Trebling Tracks

Trebling Tracks features all original tunes composed by Michael, with arrangements suited for all occasions.... from easy listening, to dance class rehearsals, dance recitals, and even big dance-out events. Some tracks feature broadly scored orchestrations, yet others highlight the beauty of just a simple accordion solo with piano accompaniment. Among the 21 tracks on this recording, you will find Jigs, Reels, Slip Jigs, and Hornpipes for all dance levels at approved metronomic speeds, as well as a customary ceili track, an air, an air/jig instrumental medley, two presidential tributes, new set dances, and most captivating.....a free-rhythm theatrical arrangement of The CharLady (track 6). Even the original Set Dance recording of The CharLady (track 18) has been re-mixed and re-mastered as an album track version at speed 69 for this release, bringing the tune a whole new exciting dimension. In addition, The "Latin-esque Lady", a jig tune (track 8) written by Michael for Worlds 2010 and featured in the movie "Jig" has also been formally recorded and fully orchestrated. There is something for every Irish dancing and music enthusiast on this recording, and even something for those dancers living in many countries new to this art form of music and dance. As you listen to the tracks, you will hear the musical nuances and even the instruments and styles of the many different countries that are now a growing, enthusiastic, and most welcome part of our evergrowing Irish dancing world. This CD is dedicated to all those who have touched upon my life, most especially my own family, extended family, and friends. They continue to inspire me everyday with their gentle love, charisma, and charm!

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