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Michael Grimm: Michael Grimm Live

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Michael Grimm

Title: Michael Grimm Live
Label: CD Baby

Michael Grimm Live! Is presented by Ron Decar Events Center in Las Vegas, NV This is a CD/DVD packaged in one. DESCRIPTION: Michael Grimm Live! Provides a rare intimate glance into Michael Grimm's life experiences and travels through captivating originals captured in a live performance at the stunning Ron DeCar Events Center in Las Vegas, NV. Featuring some never before heard songs, this CD/DVD combo satiates the desires of his loyal fans to see and hear his smooth, gritty voice in a moving live performance, while getting a sneak peak into the backstories of some of Michael Grimm's most personal works. This DVD gives fans a glimpse of what goes on backstage prior to a show, before experiencing a front row view of the crooner's talent. The brilliant CD captures the highlights of the show and allows fans to take the music with them wherever they go. Tune in and be captivated by the unrivaled passionate music of Michael Grimm like never experienced before! Bonus Features: *Full Length DVD (Run time: 109 minutes) * Concert Highlights on CD (Run time: 80 minutes) * Several never before recorded songs * Includes new single 'Starting Over' * Fan testimonials * Sneak peek CD Song List: 1. Smile 2. I Am 3. Take It as It Comes 4. When You Talk To Me 5. Suddenly You Are 6. Something That I Said 7. A Mile Away 8. Michelle 9. Where We Went 10. Starting Over 11. Taking Out The Trash 12. Roses 13. The Tide 14. Sit Down & Shut Up 15. It's Love 16. Jerry Walker 17. Loneliest Man 18. Bliss 19. The Reason 20. Money The DVD is in widescreen NTSC format; Region 0... will play in Europe on specified players. Michael Grimm, a powerhouse of soul, this man delivers a powerful soul voice while tearing away at the guitar. Grimm's roots were in country music and at the age of 17 won a Christian Country Music Association Award for his single "John Wayne and Jesus". Since then, Grimm's style has evolved into an Americana Blue-Eyed Soul Singer. It was this sound that earned him recognition, several more albums, and named him winner of America's Got Talent Season 5. Grimm has toured nationally and internationally tearing the house down each time, and has had the pleasure to work with legends like Blue-Eyed Soul Singer Bill Medley of the Righteous Brothers, BB King, The Doobie Brothers, HEART, Stevie Nicks and so many more. This year, Michael is fine-tuning his sound and his style, and delivering new, passionate and deep music to the fans with his new upcoming album, the single off which, has hit #1 on Amazon. Grimm is a true Artist, an inspirational singer and a must see performer! For more on Michael Grimm, visit www.MichaelGrimmMusic.com.

1.1 Michael Grimm Live! DVD
2.1 Smile
2.2 I Am
2.3 Take It As It Comes
2.4 When You Talk to Me
2.5 Suddenly You Are
2.6 Something That I Said
2.7 A Mile Away
2.8 Michelle
2.9 Where We Went
2.10 Starting Over
2.11 Taking Out the Trash
2.12 Roses
2.13 The Tide
2.14 Sit Down ; Shut Up
2.15 It's Love
2.16 Jerry Walker
2.17 Loneliest Man
2.18 Bliss
2.19 The Reason
2.20 Money

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