Michael Hanna

Michael Hanna: Coming Home

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Artist: Michael Hanna

Artist: Michael Hanna
Title: Coming Home

Michael is truly a musical storyteller, his music filled with nostalgia, passion, sorrow, and joy. In his fourth disc of solo piano music, Michael celebrates the reunion of loved ones at joyous homecomings; captures the bittersweet longing of homesick hearts; and rekindles memories of the warmth, comfort, and peace that 'home' so fully represents. These stories are told through original compositions and creative arrangements of classic folksongs and spirituals. Listen to samples here on CDBaby.com, or visit michaelhannamusic.com to hear six full tracks from the album in streaming audio. Recommended: 'The Salley Gardens,' 'My True North,' and 'Come, Thou Fount (extended).' In the chords and cadences of Michael's music, you will find the mystery of Tolkien, the eloquence of Hemingway, the doubt of Camus, the struggle of Poe, the poetry of Thomas, and the charm of Fitzgerald. Savor these moving and passionate melodies as words to stories of love and loss. Stop and listen awhile.

1.1 Homecoming
1.2 The Water Is Wide
1.3 The Salley Gardens
1.4 My True North
1.5 Love Letter to June
1.6 September
1.7 Beautiful As You (Steph's Song)
1.8 Come, Thou Fount (Extended)
1.9 Wayfaring Stranger
1.10 Over There and Back Again
1.11 Swing Low, Sweet Chariot

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