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Michael J. Russ: Smart College Career Moves-What You Can Do Now to

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Artist: Michael J. Russ

Title: Smart College Career Moves-What You Can Do Now to
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About Michael: Michael J. Russ the is President of Powerful Living International, LLC, the founder of PureSunscreen.com, and the author of 5 audio books and numerous published articles. He was also a contributing author to 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life, compiled by David Riklan, Founder of SelfGrowth.com. His latest audio book, Smart College Career Moves-What You Can Do Now to Make Yourself More Marketable Later, inspires students to take action during their college years to develop the additional abilities, skills, and experiences they will need to successfully market themselves to an employer after graduation. It does this by shifting their thought process and delivering solid ideas and information about what employers want and how they can use existing campus resources and opportunities to help them transform and evolve. Michael's main mission is to inspire and empower others to create the fulfilling life they envision. He is passionate about entrepreneurial ventures, travel, singing and playing music, playing golf, and meeting new people. Michael's motivating programs are the result of personal experience and delivered with subtle motivation and storytelling. One thing is certain, once you are enlightened, you are never be the same. A Quote Michael Lives by Every Day: There is something I do not know, the knowing of which changes everything. ~Rumi "Your information and words of wisdom would have taken me a lifetime to figure out on my own." ~Hillary Moore-Young Riders Graduate Program Participant.

1.1 Introduction
1.2 Part I-Position Your Mind for Career Success
1.3 Commit to Your Future
1.4 Stay Connected to Your "Why"
1.5 Harness the Power of a Positive Attitude
1.6 Choose Personal Responsibility Over Blame
1.7 Keep a Mental Eye on the Larger Picture
1.8 Eliminate Sabotaging Dialogue
1.9 Part Ii-Jump Start Your Career Success
1.10 Part Iii-Increase Your Marketability
1.11 Part Iv-What Employers Look for
1.12 Part V-Potential Career Killers

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