Michael London

Michael London: Everything Is New

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Michael London

Title: Everything Is New
Label: CD Baby

Featuring the Richly decadent vocals and soulful guitar of Michael London, \'Everything Is New\' is packed with 14 original songs. And if you enjoy James Taylor, Nat King Cole or Lyle Lovett, it will be a favorite!! Best known for his clever and contemporary witticisms, Londons music combines folk, country-swing, blues, and jazz elements. And just when you get comfortable, he\'ll surprise you with a mood change, from haunting melancholy to tattletale joy. Michael London performs in concert, at workshops and conferences, and in support of sacred rituals. He is also a teacher of management, leadership, creativity and organizational behavior at Muhlenberg College in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Michael records his original compositions in the meditative space of his own recording studio. He also works with Group Motion, a Philadelphia based collaboration of dancers and musicians. \'In a way, my arrival in Philadelphia was a kind of homecoming, even though I was a newcomer.In a time of great transition in my life, the paths I took eventually led me to explore my music in a way I had only hoed would be possible. Making this CD was one of those paths and along the way I met so many wonderful and inspirational people who held candles to light up my dreams...and thanks to the Philadelphia music community for the warm welcome into their hearts and homes.\' - Michael London Susan Siegel - \'I love absolutely every song on the album and want a copy.... He really sings from his heart and it is all beautiful.\' Barry Rabin, songwriter/lawyer - \'Michael London\'s \'The Advice Song\' is one of the funniest songs I\'ve heard in years! Tight, clever songwriting that hits home better than a cruise missile.\'

1.1 Stickin' Close to Home
1.2 Without Her Love
1.3 Diner Boy
1.4 Projection Blues
1.5 Through Rosa's Eyes
1.6 Next Dance
1.7 Wawa Moon
1.8 Everything Is New
1.9 The Advice Song
1.10 Slow Down
1.11 The Road Taken
1.12 Cape May
1.13 Lonely Town
1.14 Kathleen

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