Michael Massey

Michael Massey: Dracula: A Rock Ballet

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Artist: Michael Massey

Artist: Michael Massey
Title: Dracula: A Rock Ballet

Dracula, an original rock ballet based on the Bram Stoker novel, premiered March 8-10, 2013 at the Overture Center for the Arts. The performance, nearly 5 years in the making for Madison Ballet's Artistic Director W. Earle Smith, is a dark, high-volume mix of a rock concert and contemporary ballet, featuring a seven piece rock band that played the original score on stage alongside the dancers.

1.1 Act I Overture
1.2 Traveling to Dracula's Castle
1.3 Harker's Variation
1.4 Dracula's Variation
1.5 Brides of Dracula
1.6 Harker's Escape
1.7 Gypsies
1.8 Dracula Sails to England
1.9 Mina's Variation
1.10 Lucy's Variation
1.11 Lucy's Lovers
1.12 Renfield's Variation
1.13 Renfield Meets Dracula
1.14 Lucy's Nightmare
1.15 Mina and Dracula Pas de Deux
1.16 Van Helsing's Variation
2.1 Act II Overture
2.2 Mina Searches for Harker
2.3 Mina and Harker Pas de Deux
2.4 Preparation for Battle
2.5 Lucy's Tomb
2.6 Traveling to Dracula's Castle (Reprise)
2.7 Minions
2.8 The Battle
2.9 Dracula's Requiem
2.10 Mina and Harker Pas de Deux (Epilogue)
2.11 Curtain Call

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