Michael McDaeth: Shine in Reverse

Michael McDaeth: Shine in Reverse
Title: Shine in Reverse
Label: CD Baby

Two years ago, something odd happened to Michael - this is more or less documented with Rusted On Through (2004 Sophisticated Monkey Records). Hard to describe. The music starting making him, maybe. He broke through all the frames of song structure and style. He started surfing on the Andromeda Galaxy. Something like that. All that songwriting and guitar playing and singing started coiling and writhing and twisting and exploding. Shine In Reverse is the carbon dating that shows where the explosion occurred. Sorta. It picks up where Rusted On Through left off. Where ever the hell that is. Somewhere very eerie and strange. Maybe you'll dig it. Maybe you won't. Shine In Reverse is an experience that changes every time you listen to it. So, yeah, it's not easy listening. It won't be on any elevators or in any dentist's offices. Someday you'll hear every popular song of our time on a future commercial or maybe on the phone when you're put on hold for the fifteenth time at the cable company. You won't ever hear Michael McDaeth's work that way. You'll have to open the CD and play it for yourself.

1.1 We're Anonymous
1.2 Do Anarchy
1.3 Fortune 2005
1.4 Torn Apart
1.5 It Sure Is Another Day
1.6 Love Abides
1.7 Shimeleski Fun Time
1.8 Before I
1.9 Ridiculous
1.10 Hard at Work at Nothing
1.11 Bang It
1.12 Frog
1.13 All Hail
1.14 At Least Leave a Note
1.15 Ole Ole Ole Hey Hey Hey
1.16 Under the Underground
1.17 Julie Was
1.18 Tidal Wave
1.19 Not Drunk Enough
1.20 Something Is Missing
1.21 Change and Change
1.22 Sing or Get Out
1.23 I'm Just Sayin'
1.24 She Was a He
1.25 God Awful
1.26 Here's to Our Digital Decay
1.27 Cut That Out
1.28 If This Is High Civilization Now

Michael McDaeth: Shine in Reverse

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