Michele McGuire: Stories from the Blue

Michael McGuire: Stories from the Blue
Title: Stories from the Blue
Label: CD Baby

This album was written after a lifetime of living in Chicago with a few years of small town midwest for good measure. It finds a way to combine American country with Chicago blues and soul, while touching on the Irish heritage of the band. We practiced these songs in basements, garages, bedrooms and kitchens before showcasing them at music venues and pubs. We had the great pleasure to record some of these songs and put our stories out there for you all to hear.... so for God's sake take a listen, and enjoy! MicheleMcGuireMusic@gmail.com.

1.1 Maybe Not
1.2 Chance with You
1.3 Darling Girl
1.4 Little Bitta Delta
1.5 I Won't Sing for You
1.6 Evelyn Claims

Michele McGuire: Stories from the Blue

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