Michael Nesmith

Michael Nesmith: Infinite Tuesday: Autobiographical Riffs The Music

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Michael Nesmith

Title: Infinite Tuesday: Autobiographical Riffs The Music
Label: Rhino

2017 release. Michael Nesmith tells the story of his eclectic life in his upcoming book, Infinite Tuesday: An Autobiographical Riff. In it, the artist retraces his journey from his childhood in Dallas - where his single mother Bette invented Liquid Paper - to the set of The Monkees in Los Angeles, as well as his pioneering work in music video and virtual reality. In this audio companion collection, Nesmith focuses mainly on the numerous solo albums that he recorded during the '70s. He started in 1970 with Magnetic South and Loose Salute, country-rock albums that featured Nesmith and The First National Band, a group he collaborated with for several years. Infinite Tuesday features a song from each album: "Silver Moon" from Loose Salute and "Joanne" from Magnetic South, Nesmith's first Top 40 hit as a solo artist.

1.1 The New Recruit - the Monkees
1.2 Papa Gene's Blues - the Monkees
1.3 Different Drum
1.4 The Girl I Knew Somewhere [First Recorded Version / Stereo Remix] - the Monkees
1.5 Listen to the Band - the Monkees
1.6 Joanne
1.7 Silver Moon
1.8 Some of Shelly's Blues
1.9 Opening Theme - Life, the Unsuspecting Captive
1.10 Rio
1.11 Cruisin'
1.12 Light
1.13 Laugh Kills Lonesome
1.14 Rays

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