Michael Reno Harrell

Michael Reno Harrell: Then There's Me

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Artist: Michael Reno Harrell
Title: Then There's Me

My old pal, Dale Meyer and I have been playing music together for well over fifteen years. He's just about as good as it gets for a picking buddy in that he is a very good driver, an excellent musician, is not at all a whiner, knows where the good places to eat are and is a great recording engineer who just happens to own and operate a fine studio about seven miles from our house. I had recorded two CD's for the storytelling side of my world and was due a new music recording, so naturally I went to Dale. I have been lucky enough to have recorded with some of the giants in the acoustic music world and enjoyed every minute of those experiences, but when Dale suggested that we call in our friend, Steve Bradshaw on bass and make a trio album, I was in from the get go. We started that project in the late spring of 2010 and were getting a good start on it when Steve was in a serious vehicle accident which required him to go through major surgery. Obviously, that put the brakes on our studio work. Steve recovered over a period of several months, but by that time we all were on to different projects. Finally, in the spring of this year, 2012, we all found the time to get back together. I think it worked out for the better, in that I had written several more songs which appear here. I hope you enjoy the result. Thanks to the boys for the music, Joan for putting up with me and making my life, both professionally and personally, work so smoothly, David Cortner for keeping the website going and for the CD art, Dave Harris at Studio B for mastering and a special thanks to all the storytelling and music fans who support what I do. See y'all out there, Michael Reno.

1.1 Katie Landry
1.2 West of Dallas Texas Palace
1.3 Going Back to Tennessee
1.4 I Don't Listen to the Radio
1.5 Three Apple Trees
1.6 Then There's Me
1.7 Saint Claire
1.8 Jesus When You Get the Time
1.9 Mama's Still in Jail
1.10 My Town
1.11 By the Water
1.12 Somebody's Gone
1.13 Our Little Part of the World
1.14 The Too Late Lounge

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