Michael Tyler

Michael Tyler: Bend in the River

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Michael Tyler

Title: Bend in the River
Label: CD Baby

This was recorded in Port Townsend, WA on a 16 track ADAT. I chose these songs for thematic, more than stylistic coherence; mostly about love, loss, and traveling through. I still believe in the 'album' experience of yore, wherein one would enter a space and go on a little musical journey. Cheers! Mr A and Mrs B - well, almost everything you thought you had is gone, but you still got the neighbors. Take It to a Different Place - hear that searching, semi-psychedelic sound? On a Wave to You - spacey, photonic tune with solar bliss. Bend in the River - a true story of love and loss between the Llano and Colorado rivers. Somebody Like You - sometimes a three week romance can seem like a plutonic eternity. Eclipse of the August Moon - an ode to an eclipse of the August Moon. Minor Delay - long, slow march with vibes and horns. Slow Night in Vegas - what's that glowing light on the horizon? the sound of the American dream comes crying softly through the desert air. Heard About a Happy Day - young country sunday near Buda. Bad little Kitty - groovin' tune with great sax, a tribute to bad little kitties everywhere.

1.1 Mr a and Mrs B
1.2 Take It to a Different Place
1.3 On a Wave to You
1.4 Bend in the River
1.5 Somebody Like You
1.6 Eclipse of the August Moon
1.7 Minor Delay
1.8 Slow Night in Vegas
1.9 Heard About a Happy Day
1.10 Bad Little Kitty

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