Michael Wendling: 31 Favorites

Michael Wendling: 31 Favorites
Title: 31 Favorites
Label: CD Baby

Michael Wendling was born in Twin Falls, Idaho, in the late 40's. In high school he began picking the banjo and got REAL good. He then went on to do USO shows for the military on the DEW line and for military outposts in the Alaskan arctic, along with remote forest service stations in the Great N.W. On his discharge from the USMC in 1971, he was met by Teddy Ray Jones, Paul Smith, and Alden Yates at the Boise Airport gate and 'Whitewater' was formed and immediately became a legend. Several selections from that album are on this CD. It is pure bluegrass at it's finest. After the breakup of 'Whitewater' Mike went on to form his own record company and recorded 5 solo albums ( with backup ) of his own. Many of the selections are Mike alone...you'd think there were 2 or 3 with him, but no, it's just ol' 4-thumbed Mike. He plays the 12-string ( with bottleneck ) in the Kottke style, 6-string, banjo, and dobro, either alone or with others. He has a beautiful voice...he doesn't think so, but, sorry Mike, we like your voice. Some of the Idaho musicians on this 2-set CD are 'Tarwater', as a band and individually (this includes Teddy Jones on the fiddle and Jake Hoffman on steel). Also there is John Hansen, an incredible 6-string flatpicker, Paul Smith on mandolin and 6-string, and others I've never met, but sure like what they do. This CD set has something for everyone. It can put you to sleep, make you get up and do a jig, make you cry. With John Hansen flat picking, Teddy Jones on the fiddle, Paul Smith on the mandolin and 6-string, and Jake Hoffman on the steel, you'd think there was a 7-piece band. Nope, just some Idaho spuds. Mike has played alongside of Leo Kotte, Doc Watson, Vassar Clements, The Dillards, to name a few. Give it a listen. You don't have to like every selection, but the ones you do will be a gift from a very gifted musician. I'm not Michael Wendling, He's a very, very dear friend of mine of 40 years. I feel he's been shortchanged over the years considering his talent and this is just my way of making up for that. Try it, you'll like it...ain't top 40, thank God!!! Duane Congdon, Palmer, Alaska.

1.1 Black Mountain Rag
1.2 Ballad of the Lone Ranger
1.3 G-Minor Breakdown
1.4 Tuner Song
1.5 Orange Blossom Special
1.6 Tramp Medley
1.7 National Steel Blues
1.8 Heidie
1.9 Homemade Ice Cream
1.10 Reupert's Innertube
1.11 Hamilton Country
1.12 Melinda (Yates/Wemdlin)
1.13 Banjo-Fiddle Medley
1.14 Ol' Regular Run of the Mill Blues
1.15 Sunsets and Backdoors
2.1 Kissin' Cookin
2.2 Get Off the Phone
2.3 Buffalo Chops
2.4 Arrowhead (Hansen/Wendling)
2.5 Born to Be with You
2.6 Stealin'
2.7 How Many Times
2.8 Snake River Slide
2.9 Butterdust
2.10 Amazing Grace
2.11 Landscape
2.12 Generic Jumbo
2.13 Stare Clear
2.14 Baritone Alone
2.15 Broken Glass
2.16 American Bits

Michael Wendling: 31 Favorites

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