Michael Wexler

Michael Wexler: It's Too Late to Be a Rock Star EP

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Michael Wexler

Title: It's Too Late to Be a Rock Star EP
Label: CD Baby

Author Michael Wexler ['Voices of The Xiled,' (Doubleday) 'Baked Potatoes,' (Doubleday) 'The Seems,' (Bloomsbury)] releases this unlikely musical debut, featuring his first 5 ever recorded songs. The EP covers appealing ground with catchy singles like "It's Enough' and 'The Hard Way' to bittersweet 'It's Too Late to be a Rock Star' and wishful "Girl Who Never Was." With a garage soul and heartfelt melodies the debut is simple yet infectious - much like the lyrics that coat them. Wexler is said to be readying a sophomore effort -- the full length "For The Fun" -- to be released after completion of a much anticipated young adult fantasy series. Unexpected. And definitely worth the cost of admission. 'Taper Magazine' (Aug, 2006)

1.1 It's Enough
1.2 Hard Way
1.3 Girl Who Never Was
1.4 It's Too Late to Be a Rock Star
1.5 End of the World

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