Michael Zampi

Michael Zampi: Niagara Falls-Reflections of Beauty

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Artist: Michael Zampi

Artist: Michael Zampi
Title: Niagara Falls-Reflections of Beauty

Michael presents his beautifully composed original instrumental acoustic guitar arrangements skillfully blended with piano, bass, light percussion, strings, and flute. Enjoy this tapestry of new age, classical, light jazz, folk music styles - perfect for relaxation, romance, massage, yoga, sleeping, and holistic healing. Windham Hill style Spa Music. Inspired by visiting Niagara Falls. Michael lives in gorgeous Annapolis, Maryland where he loves writing instrumental sound tracks for commercials, movies and films, while featuring his mastery of guitar styles on the acoustic guitar. His music can be heard worldwide via MUZAK at retail stores, malls, hotels, on-hold phone systems, offices, and doctor's offices. Michael also just licensed his music with a distribution company called At Peace Media. His music was featured on a PBS documentary about The Chesapeake Bay in late spring 2009. Michael's musical compositions can be heard in malls, hotels, stores, phone on-hold systems, and offices around the world thanks to a licensing agreement with MUZAK, and At Peace Media Corporation. Recently Michael was asked to write an hour sound track for a Relaxation DVD about scenic Cape Cod. This DVD has been used in many capacities in the healing sciences profession. In fact, Harvard Medical University is using this DVD and sound track for their 'Mind and Body' Healing Program for the terminally ill. Massage Therapists, Yoga Instructors, and Relaxation and Reflexologist Therapists rave about finding the perfect music for their profession and clients. Michael's guitar instrumentals have also been featured on Virginia and Maryland Public Television. In fact, the commercials were produced by Steven Fischer, Emmy Nominee and three-time winner of the prestigious Telly Award. Additionally, Michael's music is being sold at retail gift stores throughout North America, and to our National and State Park gift stores, Hospitals, Chambers of Commerce, State Welcome Centers, Museums, Spas, Resorts, and Massage/Yoga Clinics around the world. His instrumentals are written for the acoustic guitar and blended with piano, flute, and strings. Michael very much enjoys New Age, Classical, Latin, Jazz, and Folk styles of guitar playing. Michael's flowing music is ideal for holistic healing, massage, sleeping, yoga, meditation, relaxation, and the healing arts as well as for reflection, and creativity. He has 14 guitars but favors his Taylor 814 CE. Michael owns a recording studio named The Note Factory where he produces exceptional regional musicians, and he also gives music and songwriting lessons. When not in the studio Michael can be found power boating, kayaking, mountain climbing, or lounging on the beach...

1.1 White Water Walk
1.2 Cave of the Winds at Goat Island
1.3 Canadian Horseshoe Falls
1.4 Maid of the Mist
1.5 The Gardens of Queen Victoria Park
1.6 Sir Adam Beck Power Plant
1.7 The 1,000 Islands
1.8 The Barrel Song
1.9 The Great Gorge
1.10 Devil's Hole Rapids
1.11 Table Rock
1.12 Niagara's Futy
1.13 Whirlpool Aero Car
1.14 Christine's Song
1.15 The American Falls and Prospect Point
1.16 Saint Lawrence River
1.17 The Great Lakes
1.18 The Niagara Rapids

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