Michaela Anne: Oh To Be That Free

Michaela Anne: Oh To Be That Free
Title: Oh To Be That Free
Label: Yep Roc Records

Nashville, TN based songwriter Michaela Anne returns with her new album Oh To Be That Free, the follow up to her 2019 Yep Roc debut Desert Dove. The record was produced by Michaela and Aaron Shafer-Haiss. 'I wrote this collection of songs as a simultaneous reckoning and healing," says Michaela Anne. "They came after a period in my life of self sabotage and unraveling by my own doing. But during the making of this record, life altering experiences occurred and a deeper layer of meaning for these songs appeared. Between the time we started to record and the very final mastering, I conceived, grew and birthed my first child. In the middle of this pregnancy, and the middle of making this record, my mother suffered a devastating and debilitating hemorrhagic stroke. These songs became healers for me as though I had written them for my future self."

1.1 I'm Only Human
1.2 Trees
1.3 Chasing Days
1.4 Who You Are
1.5 Oh to Be That Free Again
1.6 Good People
1.7 Dirty Secrets
1.8 Does It Ever Break Your Heart? 04:49
1.9 If Only You Knew
1.10 Mountains and Mesas
1.11 It's Just a Feeling

Michaela Anne: Oh To Be That Free

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