N. Rimsky-Korsakov

N. Rimsky-Korsakov: Suites

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Title: Suites
Label: Capriccio

1.1 Tale of Tsar Saltan Ste (Musical Pictures) Op. 57: I. Allegro/Allegretto Alla Marcia
1.2 Tale of Tsar Saltan Ste (Musical Pictures) Op. 57: II. Allegro/Maestoso
1.3 Tale of Tsar Saltan Ste (Musical Pictures) Op. 57: III. The Three Wonders. Allegro/Moderato
1.4 Christmas Eve Ste: Introduction. Christmas Eve
1.5 Christmas Eve Ste: Mazurka of the Stars
1.6 Christmas Eve Ste: Parade of the Comets
1.7 Christmas Eve Ste: Round Dance
1.8 Christmas Eve Ste: Czardas and Shower of Falling Stars
1.9 Christmas Eve Ste: Witches' Dance
1.10 Christmas Eve Ste: Prelude and Polonaise
1.11 Christmas Eve Ste: Daybreak
1.12 Christmas Eve Ste: Procession of Ovsen and Kolyada
1.13 Snow Maiden Ste: I. Introduction. Andante Sostenuto
1.14 Snow Maiden Ste: II. Dance of the Birds. Allegro
1.15 Snow Maiden Ste: III. Procession of Tsar Berendey. Allegro All Marcia
1.16 Snow Maiden Ste: IV. Dance of the Tumblers (Skomorokhi). Vivace

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