Michelle Penn

Michelle Penn: Red Five

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Michelle Penn

Title: Red Five
Label: CD Baby

Red Five marks the highly-anticipated return of indie rock musician Michelle Penn. The Detroit-born singer-songwriter should be celebrated as one of rock's rare genuine artists in that Penn writes, produces and performs all original music. The new album is a collection of both up-tempo rock and soulful ballads, and in it's entirety should be hailed as a complete listening experience. Guest musicians include Brandon Bush (Train, John Mayer, Sugarland) and Pretenders Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Guitarist Adam Seymour. Penn is a true chick rocker, proud to continue the tradition established by Chrissie Hynde, Joan Jett, Sheryl Crow and Liz Phair. Despite easy comparisons, however, the artist is most comfortable just being herself. When asked what drives her music, Penn is quick to point out the importance of integrity and originality. Growing up in urban Detroit, Penn found herself influenced most by Chrissie Hynde and the Pretenders. "Chrissie was the epitome of independence - a good hook, a good look and a 'take-it-or-leave-it' attitude. You either got it or you didn't, and I loved that." Inspired at the early age of 10 by her idol, the young Penn picked up her brother's guitar and quickly realized she had a knack for plucking out melodies. By junior high school, she was fronting bands with her newfound guitar skills, and quickly thereafter, she stepped out on her own to embark on a solo career with an alternative-pop-rock sound. Penn's touring career took her to many different parts of the country and exposed her to a wide variety of musical influences. Penn found herself sharing stages with the likes of John Mayer, Sarah McLachlan, Collective Soul, Jeff Buckley, Jason Mraz and the Go-Go's. "One of my first breakout gigs was opening for Jeff Buckley. He was such a musical genius, and I would sit there mesmerized by his presence on stage. As a young artist - and still pretty green - Jeff helped me a lot in honing my craft. I owe a lot to his early influence on my music." Penn set up shop in Atlanta, Nashville and NYC before heading west to Los Angeles (her current home). Now based in the land of movies and television, Penn's music is finding it's way to the big and small screen. But make no mistake the new disc "Red Five" is a real life soundtrack that needs to be heard...

1.1 I Know
1.2 Get Away
1.3 Waiting on the Sun
1.4 Think Twice
1.5 Follow
1.6 Go Wrong
1.7 Wake Up
1.8 Stay
1.9 Maybe Now
1.10 Wake Up (B ; B Version)

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