Mick Moloney

Mick Moloney: Strings Attached

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Mick Moloney

Title: Strings Attached
Label: Green Linnet

1.1 Reels: My Love Is in America/The Lisdoonvarna Reel
1.2 Jigs: Arthur Darley's/Over the Hill to Runbush
1.3 Hornpipes: Munster Grass/Peacock's Feather
1.4 Reels: The Gooseberry Bush/Charlie Mulvihill's 1 and 2
1.5 Jigs: Sheehy's/ Taylor's
1.6 Loftus Jones
1.7 Reels: Dunmore Lassies/McFadden's Handsome Daughter
1.8 Set Dance: Off to Puck Fair
1.9 Reels: Ricky's White Face/The Top of the Stairs
1.10 Jigs: Richard Brennan's/The Bush on the Hill
1.11 Reels: The Bellharbour Reel/Miss Lyon's Fancy
1.12 Hornpipes: Tom of the Hill/Dwyer's
1.13 Jigs: Jackson's Morning Brush/Paddy Reynolds' Dream
1.14 Reels: Coyle's Piano Reels 1 and 2

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