Mick Overman: Mileage

Mick Overman: Mileage
Title: Mileage
Label: CD Baby

Overman is a Bay Area Legend and 'Iron Man Of The Road'. He's a poet and a master musician and 'Bluesy Folk & Roll with Jazz Attitude' is the best description of his music and performance. His singing and guitar playing are accurately described as 'Berklee College of Caveman'. Overman has long been regarded as one of the west coast's hardest working (as many as 379 performances in one year) and prolific artists. In addition to being an impactful and dynamic solo performer Overman's band consistently features some of the bay area's most gifted and talented musicians. 'It's all acoustic and live in the studio with no overdubs and we left the mistakes in' state the handwritten liner notes of this project which was written and recorded during 3 1/2 years of almost nonstop touring. It's a favorite of those who know Mick and have experienced his perrformances. The concept is as much about the distance a person's soul has / gets to travel as that on the odometer. It's felt as much as heard due to both the presence of David Hayes (Van Morrison's bassist/bandleader/coproducer of over 25 years) whose acoustic bass sings on 'Soften The Rough Edges Of The Night' and 'Good For My Soul' and to the absence of studio technology. Mick showcases his unaccompanied lead and slide playing on 'Heard You Crying Late One Night' and 'Get The Lead Out'. The record contains 7 originals and 6 covers including 'I Wasn't Born To Follow' (from the movie 'Easyrider') and the Grateful Dead's 'Box Of Rain' which feature Portland OR mandolinist David Pugh.

1.1 Hear Me Now
1.2 Heard You Cryin' Late One Night
1.3 The Goddess Is a Rockin' Babe
1.4 Sad and Deep As You
1.5 I Wasn't Born to Follow
1.6 Get the Lead Out
1.7 Amos Talks in Riddles
1.8 Box of Rain
1.9 Soften the Rough Edges of the Night
1.10 What Am I Doing Hangin' Around?
1.11 Birds
1.12 Good for My Soul
1.13 Over the Rainbow

Mick Overman: Mileage

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