Mick Valenti

Mick Valenti: Beatlesque

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Artist: Mick Valenti

Artist: Mick Valenti
Title: Beatlesque

Mick Valenti is a talent who will take pop music back to the future. In "Beatlesque," he has reinterpreted the pop genre reminiscent of the 1960s but presented in a style that is as current as the next nanosecond. Mick's melodies, lyrics, instrumentations, arrangements, and production values will leave you humming for more. The songs are catchy yet substantial, memorable yet always fresh. A native of New England, Mick Valenti is a world-class singer/songwriter who creates and performs music to share with the world. We welcome you all to experience the wit and wisdom of this brilliant musician. To contact Mick, write to Europolis Management, PO Box 1268, Stockbridge, MA 01262 or e-mail danvalenti@verizon.net .

1.1 I Won't Tell You
1.2 It's Raining
1.3 That's Just Me
1.4 My Every Dream
1.5 While the City Sleeps
1.6 I'll Wait Forever
1.7 A Very Special Day
1.8 Sacred Ground
1.9 Gods on High
1.10 Just One Question
1.11 Suffering in Silence
1.12 I Know Everyone

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