Mickey Michael: Fisherman's Ghost

Mickey Michael: Fisherman&
Title: Fisherman's Ghost
Label: CD Baby

We all have our memories of the past and we all desire a future in which our hopes and dreams are fulfilled. These issues come to life in the ballads and love songs that you are about to hear on this CD. For example, 'That Old House On KIng's Road' is filled with the nostalgic longings for a distant and beloved past. 'Heaven Is Like Newfoundland' is the fulfillment of a lifetime dream of a woman from California to finally see that magic land that her grandmother had told her about so often as a child growing up in the USA. 'The Fisherman's Ghost' tells of a 1992 moratorium on the cod fishery in Newfoundland which has had a devastating effect on the people there even to this day. In 'The Ballad Of Gary O'Brien' you will hear the true and tragic tale of a man who disappeared with his 3 young sons and about the continent-wide manhunt to find him. I also tell about my longing to find the woman of my dreams in the song, 'She Lives Down By The Sea' a hope and dream that has finally come true. I sincerely hope that you will enjoy these true-to-life stories. Write to me.

1.1 The Fisherman's Ghost
1.2 All the Lights Have Gone Out
1.3 Something's Not the Same
1.4 Heaven Is Like Newfoundland
1.5 The Blue Puttee
1.6 The Ballad of Gary O'Brien
1.7 That Harbour Main Girl
1.8 I'll Be Back
1.9 Deep in My Soul
1.10 Traces
1.11 That Mother of Mine
1.12 Manitou
1.13 She Lives Down By the Sea
1.14 That Old House on King's Road

Mickey Michael: Fisherman's Ghost

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