Midfield General

Midfield General: General Disarray

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Product Type: CD

Title: General Disarray
Label: Skint Records

1.1 Self Referencing Intro
1.2 Disco Sirens (Featuring Vila)
1.3 137 Piano
1.4 Bass Mechanic (Featuring MC Ade)
1.5 Teddy Bear (Featuring Ralph Brown)
1.6 Loving Laughter (Featuring Pat Stalworth)
1.7 Love Thy Self (Featuring Lucky Jim)
1.8 Dennis and My Sister
1.9 Seed Distribution (Featuring Noel Fielding)
1.10 On the Road (Featuring Robots in Disguise)
1.11 Error
1.12 Self Referencing Refrain
2.1 Barry the Moth
2.2 Reach Out (Turin Brakes Mix)
2.3 Crazy Bald Head - Crazy Moth3F2Ck8Z (Midfield General Remix)
2.4 Guilt Squad
2.5 And Ignite
2.6 Faster
2.7 Coatnoise (Dave Clarke Remix)
2.8 Everything

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