Midori Ikeda

Midori Ikeda: Time He Gave Me

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Midori Ikeda

Title: Time He Gave Me
Label: CD Baby

My autobiography "God Has a Plan" was published in October 2007 by Gazette Publishing Company. This is a narration of my life about what had happened to me. I was told that I might have amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) which is the cruelest disease amongst the incurable diseases. I had been living the last 20 years by gazing between life and death. During the time, what supported me most was my friends and music. If I had not had music, my spirit might have not been able to hold up. Though I have had about 10-year absence from performance, music has always been beside me. Challenging moments visit anyone. Sometimes it overwhelms us. But when we overcome them, we ultimately gain real strength and compassion. God prepares the best gifts for all of us. I believe that God's plan is actually called "challenge" which he makes custom for each one of us. This is my first album. When I wrote my autobiography, I composed these original compositions at the same time. Initially I composed these sounds by using a computer. However I have been wishing to finish those with live instrumental music. Within the last 10 years, I started to believe strongly that God's plan for me might be not only publishing my autobiography, but also recording these compositions in an album. Now I'm visiting New York. Since I got here, good fortunes just like miracles have been happening in my life everyday. This is exactly what "Time He Gave Me" means to me. I dedicate this album to my friends who opened their arms and supported me whenever I needed them, and the people who have overcome challenges, and the people who are currently struggling to overcome challenges. And above all, I dedicate this album to music itself with my deep gratitude.

1.1 Azul! Azul!
1.2 Some Forgotten Things
1.3 Dear Friend
1.4 Show Me Please!
1.5 Hana-Dayori
1.6 The Wounded Healer Can Heal
1.7 Verde
1.8 Breaking the Waves
1.9 Time He Gave Me
1.10 Giving Recieving

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