Mighty Quinn

Mighty Quinn: Mighty Quinn & The Oakland Ronin

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Mighty Quinn

Title: Mighty Quinn & The Oakland Ronin
Label: Mighty Quinn Music
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. 2018 release. Mighty Quinn AKA Quinn Walker is a musician from Oakland, CA most famous for his music featured on the TV show Scrubs. Mighty Quinn writes music and plays shows with his live punk band Mighty Quinn & The Oakland Ronin. The album, in true Punk fashion, includes a ton of leftist political messages about social justice mixed with classic upbeat tunes about love, loss, addiction, depression, and a few pirate references. Mighty Quinn & The Oakland Ronin recorded at Secret Bathroom Studios in Oakland. Quinn has fond memories of the process, saying "the best part of recording was when we would sing/shout choruses together as a group, usually on a separate day than instruments, and with the assistance of alcohol."

1.1 The Nu Punks
1.2 Meet the Ronin
1.3 Kilt Kimono
1.4 Head First (Ronin Remix)
1.5 BFF
1.6 Squash It
1.7 Rebel (Ronin Remix)
1.8 Town (Ronin Remix)
1.9 Love Vs Bankers (Ronin Remix)
1.10 Anxiety (Ronin Remix)
1.11 L'oakland (Ronin Remix)
1.12 Mickey Got Married (Ronin Remix)

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