Miguel Bosé

Miguel Bosé: Amo

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Miguel Bosé

Title: Amo
Label: Warner Music Latina

AMO is the 2014 studio from one of Spain's most influential artists. His style, sound and arrangements on AMO are undeniably Miguel Bose all the way. Needless to say, his lyrics are always profound and full of emotion. 'Ecanto' is the first single and with the first single and with first listen to this track, you quickly realize his music continues to be a global fusion of many musical influences.

1.1 Encanto
1.2 Libre Ya de Amores
1.3 Amo NY
1.4 Solo SÍ
1.5 TÚ Mi Salvación
1.6 SÍ Se Puede
1.7 Los Amores Divididos
1.8 Respirar
1.9 Nuevo Día
1.10 I Miss Your Face
1.11 Domingo

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