Mihoko: We'll See

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Artist: Mihoko

Artist: Mihoko
Title: We'll See

This album is a piano trio setting, featureing Yoron Israel (drums) and Thomas Hebb (Bass). MIHOKO (Piano) - A jazz and latin pianist from Sapporo in Japan, has studied at Berklee College of Music where her major influenses were Joanne Brackeen and Harvey Diamond. Mihoko is now playing with her own jazz trio. The "Mihoko Trio" has an excellent well-blended sound and features not only jazz standards but, many of her own compositions. You can hear & feel what her soul is saying through her original works. MIHOKO'S CD HAS JUST BEEN RELEASED ON March 1st, 2010. Each spring from 2005-2009, Mihoko traveled back to Japan to assist at a jazz workshop with Tiger Okoshi, Joanne Brackeen, Yoron Israel, Jim Odgren, Dave Clark teach and she played piano with them. In 2008, she did her first jazz club tour in Hokkaido, Japan with local musicians. Mihoko has been playing actively in the United States at such venues as Les Zygomates, Ryles Jazz Club, Scullers Jazz Club, The Beehive, The Fireplace, Stork Club, in Boston area, also some venues in NYC. Her piano trio performed at North Station in November (2008), February (2009) and December (2009). It got wonderful feedback from the big crowd. She appreciated that people listening to her music while waiting their trains, and enjoyed to share the joy of music with many people. Her photo was on Boston Sunday Globe (the biggest newspaper company in New England area), November 7th, 2008. Mihoko's latin music influences are fueled by playing with many of latin jazz and salsa groups. A few of their venues include the Lowell music festival, the Lowell Puerto Rican Festival, the Rhode Island Puerto Rican Festival, and many others. She has also played with popular salsa singer "Giro"and legendary trumpeter Ray Gonzalez. MIHOKO'S CD NOW HAS BEEN RELEASED. It has 5 of her compositions, jazz and latin flavor, then, 2 standards which are creatively interpreted. Featureing Yoron Israel on Drums and Thomas Hebb on Bass, the liner notes by Joanne Brackeen. Her trio has some offers to perform in jazz festivals and other venues in Japan and U.S.A.

1.1 Whirling Away
1.2 We'll See
1.3 Blue Light
1.4 If I Should Lose You
1.5 Misty Path
1.6 Yesterdays
1.7 From My Point of View
1.8 Blue Light [Multimedia Track]

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