Mike Barnett

Mike Barnett: Everybody Gets to Dream

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Artist: Mike Barnett

Artist: Mike Barnett
Title: Everybody Gets to Dream

Midwest artist Mike Barnett, great hooks and melodies to get you thru your day. Old 97's producer Salim Nourallah produced and played a great bass on the tracks. Dallas super players contributed. Do you miss George Harrison? Me too.

1.1 Who Loves You Blue
1.2 I Could Fall
1.3 Late at Night
1.4 It Must Be Love
1.5 Merry Christmas to Me
1.6 Heidi Surprise
1.7 Everybody Gets to Dream
1.8 Push Me Away
1.9 Stranger in My Own Skin
1.10 Locked the Door
1.11 Greenest Mississippi
1.12 To You

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