Mike Clark, Mike Sax Man

Mike Clark, Mike Sax Man: Shades of Blue

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Artist: Mike Clark, Mike Sax Man
Title: Shades of Blue

THE SAX MAN IS IN TOWN and HE WANTS TO BLOW FOR YOU Get your dancing shoes on the Sax man is blowing hot blues and hot soft jazz licks. Tunes that will keep you on the dance floor. Take your girl or date out to the club! It's blues night and the sax man is loud and hot. He has a mix of blues and soft jazz mixed with the right amount of rock to make the night just right. See you on the Dance floor. This CD SHADES OF BLUE has 10 hot smoking original blues-rock tunes mixed with soft jazz so If you want to rock the night away or enjoy that other person in your life by a warm fire or if you just want to chill out on a warm summer day with some cool blues-rock and soft jazz this is the One for you. It is my hope that you enjoy this collection of blues-rock tunes as much as I enjoyed making it.

1.1 Hard Working Blues
1.2 Shades of Blue
1.3 Mike's Mood
1.4 Sax Man in Town
1.5 Pay Day Blues
1.6 Blues on My Mind
1.7 November Blues
1.8 Summer Blues
1.9 Cold Night
1.10 Do Your Thing

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