Mike Longo

Mike Longo: 900 Shares of the Blues

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Mike Longo

Artist: Mike Longo
Title: 900 Shares of the Blues
Product Type: VINYL LP

A killer electric piano jam from the great Mike Longo - stone funky, and one of his best albums ever! The whole thing's done in a really laidback style that's simply amazing - a lot like the best CTI work of the time, but somehow rougher, and with a darker edge. Longo riffs out on the keys over rhythm by Ron Carter, Mickey Roker, and Ralph MacDonald - and Joe Farrell and Randy Brecker add in some great horn work that fleshes out the tunes with a deeply soulful jazzy feel. The whole album's great, with a range of moods, emotions, and grooves that Longo hardly ever hit again - and titles include 'Summers Gone', 'El Moodo Grande', 'Like a Thief In the Night', 'Ocean of His Might', and 'Magic Number'.

1.1 900 Shares of the Blues
1.2 Like a Thief in the Night
1.3 Ocean of His Might
1.4 Magic Number
1.5 Summers Gone
1.6 Moodo Grande

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