Mike Mathis: Old Dog No Tricks

Mike Mathis: Old Dog No Tricks
Title: Old Dog No Tricks
Label: CD Baby

Mike Mathis, Sr. is a former Kerrville Folk Festival New Folk finalist and award winner. This album marks his return to the Texas music scene after a long hiatus. Mike, Sr. returns with an electrified sound that harkens back to the 'outlaw' music of his youth. 'Old Dog. No Tricks' marks a new beginning for the man who the late Jubal Clark referred to simply as 'Ol' Mike Mathis, the songwriter.' This album provides insight into heart and mind of a poet, a rounder and a teller of tales whose words and music have made babies smile and grown men cry. These are original songs from a guy who is truly as real as they get.

1.1 The Santa Fe
1.2 Austin
1.3 Gypsy Blood
1.4 Swamp Rabbit Stew
1.5 You'll Need Someone
1.6 Katy Bar the Door
1.7 Billy Joe
1.8 Virginia Ann
1.9 Driftwood
1.10 Mari in the Garden

Mike Mathis: Old Dog No Tricks

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