Mike Rodgers

Mike Rodgers: Honkytonk Hitman

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Artist: Mike Rodgers

Artist: Mike Rodgers
Title: Honkytonk Hitman

The debut album from The Honktonk Hitman, Mike Rodgers, is winning raves across the country and around the world. This is real country music for real country music fans. If you like Merle, Waylon, and Hank you'll love Mike Rodgers. He's been called 'this decade's Dwight Yoakam' and 'the last real country singer in Nashville'. It's in his blood: He's the great grand nephew of country music Hall of Famer Jimmie Rodgers! But there's more...He fought his way to become the Super-Cruiserweight Champion of the World! Read his story here: A man moves to Nashville, Tenn., from Arkansas to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming a country-music star. After living out of his car for a week or two, he enters the professional boxing ring to make some quick cash. He doesn't know if he can recapture his past glory as a distinguished amateur boxer. Much to his own surprise, he starts winning bout after bout and eventually wins a world title. One might think that this scenario forms the plot of a would-be novel or screenplay in the fertile imagination of a most creative writer. But it is not. This is the real life story of Mike Rodgers, a country music singer and professional boxer who has 25 wins - 20 by kayo - and only two losses. In 1997, Rodgers, an aspiring musician, traveled from his home state of Arkansas to the Music City to give his music career a boost. In the past, he had played on the club circuit throughout the south, opening for country music stars such as his idol Merle Haggard. After performing on the road for three years with his band Gator-Dilla, Rodgers ventured to Nashville to make his dreams a reality. When he came to Nashville, Rodgers had little money and even lived out of his car for a period of time. 'I came to Nashville with a beat-up car, a guitar and three garbage sacks full of clothes,' he says. The story of his pro career is nothing short of legendary. Upon arriving in the Music City, Rodgers soon learned about weekly professional boxing shows held at the Music City Mix Factory. Rodgers first professional boxing license has the address of a local honky-tonk bar that he had been frequenting because he was living in his car. He keeps it in his wallet to this day as a reminder of his struggles. . In June 1997, Rodgers entered the ring with a pair of tennis shoes, swimming trunks and his ever-present cowboy hat. Before he could be introduced, some drunk in the crowd yelled: 'Hey cowboy, who in the hell are you, the Honky Tonk Hitman?' The name stuck and a legend began. The promoters thought he would be an opponent, unaware of his extensive amateur career (155 wins-26 losses) in which he compiled numerous state and local titles. Instead, he became a crowd favorite after kayoing a string of foes in less than two rounds. 'I went from homeless to hero with one punch,' Rodgers says. Rodgers continues to pursue his dreams in boxing and music. . As his debut album becomes legendary among real country music fans, he continues to work with acclaimed producer and hit songwriter (Reba, Clay Walker, Diamond Rio) Robert Ellis Orall writing and recording. Many may question whether a young man can accomplish his lofty goals. But, Rodgers does not doubt himself. He believes it's his destiny. 'I come from a good heritage,' Rodgers says. 'I am the son of Silver & Golden Gloves Hall of Famer Ray Rodgers and the Great grand nephew of country music Hall of Famer Jimmie Rodgers. It is in my blood so I really didn't have a chance. Some things in life you can choose, some you can't. I feel like this was my destiny, I was born to be the Honky Tonk Hitman.'

1.1 Honkytonk Hitman
1.2 Me, Jack and Jesus
1.3 Motel Matches
1.4 What Am I to You
1.5 She's a Sad Country Song
1.6 Dark Cloud
1.7 Sweet Country Lovin'
1.8 It's My Heart That's Holdin' on
1.9 When I Get Out of Prison
1.10 The Women Make a Fool of Me

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