Mick Rossi

Mick Rossi: Jazz Und Elektronik-Live at the Baxter

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Artist: Mick Rossi

Artist: Mick Rossi
Title: Jazz Und Elektronik-Live at the Baxter

The Electro-Acoustic I met Ulrich Süsse and Patrick Bebelaar in 1999 during my tenure as Director of the Centre for Jazz and Popular Music (CJPM) at the University of Natal in Durban, South Africa. Uli is a remarkable person and composer who has greatly expanded my musical horizons via his work in and with electronic music. Uli has developed a format with electronics that allows for flexibility, improvisation and fun during performance. Uli and Patrick's compositional frameworks are wonderfully crafted and especially suited for jazz musicians. It allows them a vast palette to draw from during the improvisational process, thus opening avenues to additional levels of musical creativity. Patrick is one rare musical find and an incredible pianist who extends the mainstream jazz language via his complete control of his instrument via his burning chops!

1.1 Yearning -Ukukangazele (Feat. Patrick Bebelaar)
1.2 Musicians Plus One (Feat. Patrick Bebelaar ; Ulrich Suesse)
1.3 Between Nowhere and Now Here
1.4 Mike Rossi Plus One + Bebelaa (Feat. Patrick Bebelaar ; Ulrich Suesse)R
1.5 The Forty Club (Feat. Patrick Bebelar)
1.6 Anouar (Feat. Patrick Bebelaar)
1.7 Pianist Plus One (Feat. Patrick Bebelaar ; Ulrich Suesse)
1.8 Uuuuuuli! (Feat. Patrick Bebelaar ; Ulrich Suesse)
1.9 Keep at It (Feat. Patrick Bebelaar ; Ulrich Suesse)
1.10 Tango (Feat. Frank Kroll, Patrick Bebelaar ; Bernd Settelmeyer)

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