Mike Spex: Songs of Liberation

Mike Spex: Songs of Liberation
Title: Songs of Liberation
Label: CD Baby

Songs of Liberation is MikeSpex solo effort from 2012-2013, a Dedication to one of his homies John Vietnam who tragically passed away in August 2012, collabs include an all star list of some of Chicago's best talent!! collabs include Z.I.P aka Zeal Is Power aka Criss da Ruler, Ecliptic Shadow, MoyoD, V-Spex of the Ideologists, Kevin Miller on saxophone, Dj Real One, Dj PDQ, Dj BVax, Dream Tek, Prone,Scenic Roots, Greedy Knowledge of the 7Oddities!!! Jam One, Jezi the Dishwasha of Connect Force, Owze of Elephant Rebellion, Grafenberg, AwesomeAc, Visual, Riot One of Chi-Rock Nation, ShallBeeOne, Maxcal of Other Half, Mbame and Ivan Vazquez of the Funky Paramedics A mural of holistic freedom songs Windy City Anthems exploring our existence purpose as human beings on planet earth helt hostage by modern day slavery in a massive commercial monster market motivated by money. This is Raw HIP-HOP uncut voiced by people directly involved in it's elements is original habitat of peace, love, happiness,skills, deejayin emceeing, lyricism & liberation for a Kulture dat isn't plagued by glorifieing guns, fluffy mainstream robotics, apartheid ice and all the other usual suspects which plague the airwaves. The sound climate is a beautiful combination of various drum breaks, jazz, orchestra and very distinct samplings. Songs of Liberation is a full clip fully loaded with unforgettably distinct topics, unapologetic views on keepin HIP-HOP alive in modern day Babblelon fettered by typical subject matter, capitalism, clothes, bankrolls, hoes.

1.1 Return in Paradise
1.2 Vocabulary Spill
1.3 Deep from the Underground (Reeemix)
1.4 Uprise in the Streets
1.5 Freedom Songs
1.6 Down By Law
1.7 Who's the Nicest?
1.8 Who's the Illest?
1.9 Superheroes ; Villains
1.10 Holy Hustle
1.11 Civlized Animal
1.12 Rap Catastrophe
1.13 Ease the Streets
1.14 Free Em' All (Reeemix)
1.15 Shock ; Awe
1.16 For the Love
1.17 Id7
1.18 Rap Is in Control
1.19 Rise Above
1.20 Down By Law (Reeemix)
1.21 Pops Used to Say
1.22 Rap Is in Control (Reeeeemix)

Mike Spex: Songs of Liberation

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