Mike Tramp: Second Time Around

Mike Tramp: Second Time Around
Title: Second Time Around
Label: Target Records

2020 release. Mike Tramp is a Danish singer and songwriter who is best known for his work with the hard rock bands, White Lion and Freak of Nature. Since 1998 he has released several solo albums " The songs on Second Time Around are some of my favorite compositions, and for many years I have gone around with a feeling that they were never given a real chance. I have missed them in my live shows and I have missed singing them. So when I made the decision to rebuild and resurrect this bunch of songs, with the help of my trusted brothers in rock 'n' roll who have all been a part of my last seven solo albums in different ways, it was truly a chance to go for a Second Time Around, and this time I grabbed it, clear in my mind and focused like never before. A great moment of embracing that the songs I have written always clearly expresses who Mike Tramp is. I am proud of these songs. They are like my other albums and 100% representation of who Mike Tramp is. If aliens came down to earth and happened to pick up "Second Time Around" as the first Mike Tramp album they heard, I would be truly proud and confident that all of my DNA, would be in this album". Mike Tramp, somewhere on the road 2020.

1.1 All of My Life
1.2 The Road
1.3 Anymore
1.4 Come on
1.5 Between Good and Bad
1.6 Lay Down Your Guns
1.7 Highway
1.8 No Tomorrow
1.9 Back to You
1.10 When She Cries

Mike Tramp: Second Time Around

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